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Omni-Channel Experience:

We have a proven track record in migrating legacy call center to omni-channel contact centers, powering exceptional customer experiences.

Our solution enables omni-channel services; sales, marketing and collections with secure identification and verification methods as applicable (TPIN, OTP, Voice Biometrics) at any time, any place, and any channel (Voice, Alternate & Digital channels) leveraging existing voice (Telephony channel) infrastructure and integrated with core backend applications and CRM.

METCO is partnered with a few of the leading omni-channel contact center solution providers in the industry Avaya, Teleopti, Lithium, Avanza, and Verint. Our solutions help deliver experience across channels and every touch points without missing a beat, whether in the cloud or on premises. From Mobile and IVR self-service to agent-assisted conversation. From inbound and outbound voice, email, SMS, chat, and social channels. All which leverage customer profiles and preferences to drive personalized interactions.

Why should you consider us?

  • Proven expertise in omni-channel contact center integration (20+ years).
  • End to end omni-channel offering, analytics, and workforce management

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Self Service Solutions & IVR:

Today customer self-service options extend far beyond simple touch-tone replies to interactive voice response (IVR) scripts. Powerful and interconnected applications can now provide robust self-service functionality through websites and even mobile apps.

But like many new technologies, effectively deploying new self-service options and online tools requires careful planning. How does the interaction path affect the customer experience? What happens when a customer cannot fully complete a transaction?

METCO Contact Center specialists can guide you through the many self-service options available today. Our Customer Experience Consultants have the portfolio and the experience to recommend solutions that will satisfy current needs and grow with your business.

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Workforce Optimization:

What factors determine whether a customer interaction produces a positive outcome or not? Often it’s the agent that makes the difference, but this doesn’t tell the whole story. How was the “right agent” trained? Why was the call routed to that employee? What business systems supported the interaction?

Workforce Optimization delivers a business system with immediate and measurable results by providing real-time visibility into performance and accountability with management tools that facilitate issue remediation and best practices for management. As a result, contact center managers are empowered to be more effective, and operations can predictably attain service-level agreements (SLAs) – resulting in dramatic improvements in customer satisfaction and voice-of-the-customer feedback.

METCO is partnered with a few of the leading Workforce Optimization solution providers like Verint, Knoahsoft, and Teleopti.

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We help enterprises leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence and NLP to deploy smart chatbots for Customer service and support, build engagement and productivity.

  • Customer Service Chatbots:

    Customer service chatbots bring in a significant increase in efficiency while reducing costs, customer satisfaction increases with much faster response. With AI and NLP, chatbots are able to provide humanoid support and can provide end to end support for Zero-value-add interactions and direct-through transactions.

  • Virtual Assistant:

    We develop enterprise virtual assistants that are not just powered by AI and NLP but can connect into enterprise systems like CRM, HRMS, ERP, etc., to provide the necessary assistance for your employees, helping improve productivity and efficiency.

  • Messaging Chatbots:

    Social media applications claim a major share of our online time. Businesses are leveraging chatbots on social media platforms to connect with their target audience on a platform where they are already present.

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Consulting & Benchmarking Services:

Our highly experienced Contact Center consulting partners' team enables you to deliver consistent and superior customer experience across multiple touch points by successfully mapping the entire customer journey.

  • Consulting Services:
  • -  Business needs analysis.
    -  Development of strategies and roadmap.
    -  Business case analysis.
    -  Deployment & implementation planning.


Social Media Management:

Transform your customer service experience with the power of social and community.

It's our comprehensive solution to help your business harness the full potential of social platforms and bring in real-world results.

  • Know the real-time trends driving your business.
  • Create the right conversation about your brand with the right people.
  • Anticipate and deliver extraordinary customer experiences.
  • Innovate your brand decisions and translate your image into equity.

Using Lithium Technologies social responder solution, you can reduce costs by creating a better customer support experience thereby increasing customer satisfaction.