High Performance, Secure and future-proof networking


Network Transformation:

A robust flexible IT infrastructure is the critical core of successful business operations. METCO helps you integrate, optimize, and automate your IT environment for greater flexibility, scalability, reliability, availability, and visibility.

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Data Center Networking:

Our team will help you assess, design and install the physical infrastructure your organization needs to support mission-critical initiatives. We help you sort through an ever-increasing array of data center solutions to select the best technology to meet increased demand for new media applications, interactivity, and mobility. We offer core routing and switching, LAN / WAN, wireless, and management suites. To keep you up and running, our dedicated team of IT engineers provides 24x7x365 support.

METCO maintains strong accreditation and partnership with the industry's leading manufacturers, including Cisco, HPE, Juniper & Extreme to ensure your infrastructure runs on the most current equipment

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Wifi & Local Area Network:

  • WiFi / Wireless:
  • If you are faced with updating your existing wireless network, or you’re looking to introduce wireless to you current IT environment, our experts at METCO have the skills and experience to offer you a custom solution for your organization’s requirements. Having a stable and secure wireless network in the workplace is important now more than ever with the traveling workforce and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement. Our skilled certified specialists provide you with the wireless infrastructure to accommodate BYOD and the increasing bandwidth needs, all while keeping your network secure.

  • Local Area Network (LAN):
  • Today’s business is dependent on its network infrastructure. Yet with the explosion of networked devices, the ability to handle voice and data, as well as network-centric applications, your network has become more complex.

    METCO has been building mission-critical networks for its customers that are reliable, agile and manageable, allowing you to concentrate on the applications that run your business. METCO can design networking solutions for small, medium or large enterprises. Networks that are simpler, requiring less time to provision and can grow with your business.

    METCO maintains strong relationships with the industry's leading manufacturers, including Cisco and HPE, to ensure your WLAN runs on the most current equipment.

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Cyber Security:

METCO Security experts ensure that your network security is structured to protect your IT investments from the various threats facing many organizations today. The safety of your data, the reliability, and integrity of your network are of the utmost importance to the team at METCO.

Times are changing, and while a firewall paired with an anti-virus used to be what you needed to protect your network, that is no longer the case. Most of today’s attackers are using sophisticated methods such as phishing, email scams and malware, making it more difficult for your firewall and anti-virus to fully defend your network. METCO recognizes these changes and makes the appropriate recommendations to fill any gaps that could potentially bring your network down if a threat penetrated.

METCO is partnered with two of the leading security appliance and software providers in the industry, Cisco, and Fortinet, and provide our customers with cutting-edge, full-scale security solutions.

A value-add to our services is our 24 Hour monitoring system that alerts our engineers of a threat on your network before your organization is even aware it’s there. Our team is 100% focused on protecting the integrity and usability of your network and ultimately securing your organization.

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Wireless Backhaul Network:

METCO solutions portfolio will ensure your wireless backhaul and access network is well-designed upfront and continues to operate with exceptional performance and reliability.

We take care of you. Our planning engineering center is staffed with certified support engineers to look after your every need – from the simplest question to complex issues like IP/MPLS and microwave integration or challenging microwave paths. We take customer support very seriously and it shows.

METCO expert teams ensure mobile operators deliver the highest-capacity, best-performing networks for their customers.

Fixed Wireless Access:

Being aligned with best in class wireless access providers, METCO can address diverse customer requirements for private wireless access networks. These solutions offer reliable, secure and highly efficient networks that cater to communication needs of utility, transport and secure public services sectors.

We can offer a wide choice of products and solutions using WiMAX, TETRA, and other fixed wireless access technologies.


Optical & Carrier Networks:

Packet traffic drives over 75% of the world’s business services bandwidth usage. The ability to scale and secure network capacity faster and smarter is a huge competitive advantage and the technologies that enable this scalability and service agility are constantly evolving. At the foundation of it all is the optical network. Implementing the right solution one that can scale for massive capacity growth while flexibly adapting to changes in applications running on top of it is vital for success.

  • METCO has a partnership with some of the world’s most advanced optical networking technology providers; Cisco and Ciena and provide our customers with cutting-edge, full-scale optical solutions. Leveraging these partnerships, we offer the latest technologies to our customers to design and deploy SDH, IP/MPLS, DWDM, CWDM technologies to create networks accommodating bandwidth-hungry voice and video applications.
  • Optical networks installed by METCO serve the largest mobile service providers and enterprises in Kuwait, KSA and in Sudan and carry the largest part of these countries’ data traffic. The optical solutions implemented by METCO enable 3G and 4G services and enable service providers to offer reliable and fast internet service to businesses and communities.

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