Technical expertise and resources to help you design, deploy and resource your Networking, Communication and ICT environment.

Unified Communication Services

METCO’s skilled resources offer expert evaluation, integration and troubleshooting services for Avaya Unified Communication systems. METCO’s Avaya certified experts can show you how to design a robust Unified Communication system.


  • Technical planning, physical installation, testing, and commissioning of systems.
  • Technical assessment, design and implementation services ensure that the Unified Communication systems are properly installed, deployed and optimized.
  • Configure and integrate systems, networks, communications, and any other required components specified in the low-level design.

Testing Services:

  • System Integration Testing (SIT) and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) post-install and prior to live commissioning of the system, either at customer site or in an appropriate staging environment.

Handover Services:

  • Provides all of the required documentation and information at the successful conclusion of the project.
  • Customer operational team is fully briefed, supported and enabled on the as-built system.

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Network Technical Services

Improve your network performance and reduce costs through data center networking.

As a supplement to your services agreement, Our Technical Services bring the connection closer between METCO and our customers, allowing for a more engaged and proactive customer experience. We work with your team directly, making recommendations on improvements to help provide you with the best overall network experience.

We are experts at network design. We have strong relationships with world-leading technology.

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Wireless Technical Services

At METCO, we understand the value of providing complete turnkey solutions for our customers. As a result, we offer wired and wireless services described below;

  • METCO designs, supplies, installs, configures, commissions, and operates wireless networks to address last-mile access, backhaul and backbone connectivity requirements of telecommunications operators, service providers, government institutions and private enterprises. We implement point-to-point microwave links to connect multiple sites of a wide area network. We can also implement point-to-multipoint wireless solutions based on Wireless Broadband technologies.
  • Our solutions are deployed in a manner to ensure the most effective routing, the most efficient use of available spectrum, and the appropriate level of data security. We work with best-in-class equipment providers to build and manage our wireless networking solutions.
  • METCO has over 25 years of hands-on experience in planning and designing wireless networks for many of our region’s prominent telecommunications service providers and oil companies. We maintain vendor independence in recommending the solutions that best fit the business challenge at hand, and provide TDM, SDH or IP/Ethernet wireless products and solutions to address our clients’ needs.

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Wire line Optical Network Technical Services.

We are considered industry experts in deploying optical network solutions. We provide full optical transmission implementation services which include the design, installation, connection, testing and commissioning of single-mode and multimode fiber networks. In turnkey networking projects, we also perform route planning, trenching, duct installation, and civil works.

  • METCO has a partnership with some of the world’s most advanced optical networking technology providers; Cisco and Ciena and provide our customers with cutting-edge , full-scale optical solutions. Leveraging these partnerships, we offer the latest technologies to our customers to design and deploy SDH, IP/MPLS, DWDM, CWDM technologies to create networks accommodating bandwidth-hungry voice and video applications.
  • Optical networks installed by METCO serve the largest mobile service providers and enterprises in Kuwait, KSA and in Sudan and carry the larger part of these countries’ data traffic. The optical solutions implemented by METCO enable 3G and 4G services and enable service providers to offer reliable and fast internet service to businesses and communities.

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