Teleopti is a provider of workforce management software, offering WFM solution that is sophisticated, localized and easy to use. Teleopti focuses on helping contact centers, back offices, and retail stores improve customer service, employee satisfaction, and profitability – through optimized, automated forecasting and scheduling with cutting-edge features to empower and engage employees.

Workforce Management
Great Workforce Management, the Heart of Great Customer Experiences

Embrace the easy-to-use, powerful capabilities of workforce management with Teleopti. Teleopti WFM’s dynamic cloud and on-premise solutions enable contact centers to plan and manage operations, engage employees and create stellar customer experiences.

(a) Workforce Planner
Create the Ultimate Plan, Keep it on Track

Scheduling an efficient, engaged workforce to meet customer needs can present many challenges for a workforce planner, but it is necessary to ask and understand such questions to find the right answers.





(b) Contact Center Manager
Managing Contact Center Success with Customer & Employee Loyalty

At Teleopti we make it our mission to understand all aspects that go into being a contact center manager and planning successful customer service operations. This starts by exploring the challenges that can come your way.





(c) IT Operations Manager
Develop Secure, Agile IT Operations for Your Customer Service

When it comes to managing your contact center’s IT operations, there is a long list of questions that pop up while implementing new systems to support the customer, employee and company.





(d) Customer Service Representative
Find the Joy and Freedom in Your Customer Interactions

Now we can’t say exactly how you feel but we know there are many challenges and wishes that come up when working as a customer service representative for your company.